Sunday, January 27, 2008



White long cake box, fits 5 cupcakes perfectly.


Add that extra touch to your gifts. Special packaging in different shapes for your special occasions are available. Prices range from $5-$10.

Round box with transparent lid. Fits 4 cupcakes.

Heart-shaped box, fits 4 cupcakes.

Transparent box with handle. Fits 4 cupcakes.

Striped cake box with handle and window. Fits 3 cupcakes.


Bakerella said...

These are great boxes. Almost as pretty as your cupcakes! Where did you find them?

cotton candy bakeshop said...

hi bakerella,
i got them from an online local supplier here in singapore :)

Home Baker said...

Can you share the online supplier contact for the packaging? It will be great if you are willing to share.


Baking Yummies said...


Loved your boxes. Can you let me know who is the supplier?

-SinfuLpLeasures- said...

Hi dear,

I'm keen in getting some cakes for my 21st!
Possible to email me some images of your creations?


iCAKE said...

hi bakerella,
lovely cuppies packaging.
may i know where to have it and it price of the box.

My Baking Fetish said...

Hi there,

Very pretty packaging.. May I ask if you could share with me the online supplier please? Much appreciated. :)

Cindy Andriani said...

love the packaging .. is ur local supplier can be online supplier too

Denise Ang said...

do you have packaging for 2 cupcakes?

Barbie Chiu said...

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