Saturday, July 12, 2008


How to order

To place an order, please send an email to
Please do not leave any comments here.

Kindly state the following:

- Quantity required

- Date of delivery/collection

- Design/theme and colour scheme (if any)

All orders & enquiries will be done through emails to keep communication trails tidy.

Emails don't constitute acceptance/confirmations of orders. Please see Deposit below.

Mobile number will only be given to confirmed customers.

A minimum 5-working-days notice is required for small orders (less than $100).

For wedding cupcakes a 1-month notice is required.

All orders are subject to availability.

Please note we won't be able to accept urgent orders as everything was made from scratch and requires time to produce.


There's no price list as our creations are highly customisable to each customer's preference.

Please email for an indicative pricing.


All orders are required a deposit to be confirmed. Full amount deposit required for small orders and 50% deposit required for large order (more than $100). The balance is payable 1 day before date of delivery/collection.

Minimum order

12pcs for regular size (approximately 6.5cm in diameter)

24pcs for mini size (approximately 3cm in diameter)

Flavours available





We take great pride in our designs & creations thus we don't do replicas of any characters (for e.g. Mickey Mouse, Angry Bird, Sesame Street, etc) or designs done by other bakers or cake decorators/designers. Please also note that we don't do adult-theme designs as we try to keep the designs as family-friendly as possible.

Please note that due to the small size of the mini cupcakes, 3D figurines or more complicated designs are not feasilble.

The fondant decorations are not available for sale without any cupcakes/cake orders.


Delivery will be charged according to location. Collection is available from Chinatown area.

Please note that we don't do meet-ups. Due to the cupcakes being fragile and delicate we won't be able to do international shipping.

Rental of cupcakes tier

The tier is available for rental at $30/day. Please note that we will personally do the tier set-up and dismantling after the event.


We don't do any sponsorships unless it's for charitable or non-profit organisations.

To date we've supported Children's Cancer Foundation and Singapore Cancer Society (for their Breast Cancer Awareness high-tea event in 2011).


Jolyn said...

Hey, for 12 reg chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fondue type of icing and maybe much will that be? i've got the craving to eat it :) haha

Rachel Ng said...

Where do I collect it from if i order?

Jaslyn Shann said...

Hi! thinking of having some cupcakes for my girl's full month in mid april. really like the pink & lime green theme + bees & bugs & flowers. wonder how much will it cost with customised wordings? thx!


Family said...

I saw your avertorial in M&B, i'm lost in navigating your site, do contact me at

I woulod like to make enquries for my baby's full month.

Erin said...

Hi there,

Just sent you an email for a request for an urgent order. Please let me know. Thanks

♥jas said...

hey there!
need to order some cupcakes for a bff's bday! pls email me @!

loves and thanks!

DESIREE said...

hi please contact me at 83836556 or

need to order cupcakes for my 21st bday. approx. 40-50 of them.

pamie said...

Hi! I've emailed you regarding an urgent order. Please let me know if it's do-able as soon as possible. Thanks!!

My email:

Spaceman said...

Hi. I would like to order a birthday cupcake for a birthday next friday. Im guessing i need to order by tomorrow in order to get it by friday but i dont see any emails that i can contact. It would be good if you can email me at

thanks alot

Rachel said...

Hi! I would like to make enquiries for cupcakes, am planning to order some for my boyfriend's birthday. Could you contact me at

Thank you!

ADELIA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sandra_koh said...


could you please email me the packages you have for baby full month?



MomLuvDIY_Creative Mom said...


I am also interested in the baby full month packages.
Can u pls email me at

Siew chern

Christina Li said...

Hi will it be possible if I order a 12 regular cupcakes for sat 24/11/12 collection.

Two girls (one black long straight hair other brown)and
two dogs(one brown poodle other white Maltese) and
Two with words happy 28 bday and
the rest can be simple cream in colors

How much will it cost?

Min said...


PLs give me the quotations for baby full month package for baby boy for different combinations ( 1 cupcake price with box,2 cupcakes price with box and the standard package.


Gladys said...

cn you email me your pricing to

i am looking for cupcakes.